Mustang Auto Body Repair Specialists is a registered close corporation. The property contains a workshop area of approximately 1400 meters squared, upstairs offices and a reception area.

Mustang Auto Body Specialists is an approved RMI structure workshop repairer.

The business was originally established by Marius Steenkamp and his son, Marco Steenkamp on the 1st of August 2008. Together they have built a solid foundation as Auto Body repairers over the years. 

During 2015 Marco Steenkamp obtained sole ownership of Mustang Auto Body, and continues to run a highly successful Auto Body Repair business.


Executive Summary

  • Mission

The mission of Mustang Auto Body Specialists is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive auto repairs at an affordable cost. The core focus of our business is trust and a high level of quality of the service/product provided. We aspire to gain the required knowledge in terms of technological developments within the Auto Body repair industry so that we are able to exceed our client’s expectations and as a result obtain a competitive advantage in the industry.

  • Objectives

As owners and managers of the business we have set out the following objectives:

– Obtain factory approvals from:

– Growing our insurance panel approvals over the next 5 years.

– Increase annual revenue between 5% – 10% over the next 5 years.

– Develop and implement a program of superior customer service through the evaluation of each customer’s experience. Thereby identifying those areas which need improvement and those where we have reached customers’ expectations.

Market Analysis

Since revenue is our main source of income, our focal point is to expand our customer base so that Mustang Auto Body is able to meet its objectives.

Generally in the Auto Body Repair industry the client base is expanded through offering its services to a broader amount of insurance panels as well as through word of mouth from the current customer base built over the years. 

Insurance Panels and being Factory Approved 

In terms of insurance panels Mustang Auto Body Specialists would be able to expand their services to a diversity of insurance panels by obtaining more factory approvals. 

Therefore the reason why we work towards obtaining more factory approvals, to meet our customer
expectations, because if more factory approvals are obtained we are able to expand our services to customers whose vehicles are still under warranty.


  • Current Customer Base

As it is custom in the Auto Repair industry that marketing mainly occurs by word of mouth by the current customer base. 

Mustang therefore strives towards providing their customers with more than just the standard service expected, which has ensured that the majority of customers has remained loyal since they first required our services. 

Since Mustang Auto Body was established in 2008 we have built a solid customer base over the years, and as a result of marketing our business by word of mouth of our loyal customers we have built a successful, profitable business. 

Our customer base comprises mainly of the general community within the East of Gauteng, fleet owners and dealerships. 

Below is a list of our current customers:

– Auto Magic Guaranteed Auto Body Repair Agent
– Active Corporate Cleaning Services
– Anglo Car Dealers
– Auto Dent Solutions
– Cargo Motors
– Capital Auto
– Dadda’s Motor Land
– Datsun Boksburg / Benoni
– Comet Car Rental
– East Rand Walling
– Globeflight Couriers
– IC Auto Nissan
– Mercury Couriers
– McCarthy Toyota
– Niewen Auto
– Niewen Auto Select
– Nissan East Rand
– Princess Benoni Volkswagen
– Renault Benoni


Mustang Auto Body Specialists offers a wide range of services as outlined in the service description below.

Note should be taken of the fact that this industry is highly competitive with suppliers having a great deal of power in setting and negotiating the prices of the products and services to Auto Repair shops.

For this reason we continuously keep abreast of new technological developments and strive towards
making long term capital investments in technology thus enabling the business to offer the widest possible range of services in the Auto Body repair industry, and as a result gaining a competitive advantage in the industry.

  • Service Description

Mustang Auto Body Specialist offers a wide range of services as outlined below:

– Body Repairs

– Chassis Straightening

– Water Base Paint Repairs

– Paintless Dent Repairs

– Hail Damage

– Mag Wheel Repairs

– Aircon Regas

– Polishing & Glazing of vehicles

– Electronic measuring system

– Repairs on any vehicle up to a max of 8 tons

  • Technology

As the auto body repair industry relies mainly on labour and technology we aspire to remain on the cutting edge of technological developments by keeping up with new technological changes.

As part of our long term goals we aim to invest our capital in revolutionary technology so as to ensure
we have an advantage in the industry.  Therefore providing a high quality service to our clients.

Competitive Advantage

By ensuring that we obtain a competitive advantage in the industry the following key factors form part of our daily operations thus creating a unique selling advantage.

– High-Quality work by continuously keeping abreast of and investing in new technology.

– Continuous training of our staff, recognising their skills and quality of work thus ensuring employee satisfaction.

– Continuously staying in contact with clients so as to keep them informed regarding the repair progress.

– Knowledgeable workshop managers who actively work with fellow employees on a daily basis, thereby ensuring that management are aware of all daily happenings in the business.

– As Marco Steenkamp (owner) works with his fellow employees and clients on a daily basis this creates a competitive advantage in terms of which he is continuously aware of employee and customer satisfaction, which plays a key role in the profitability
in the business.

Strategic Summary

The following section outlines the company’s strategic focus in growing the business

  • Competitive Edge

The competitive edge of Mustang Auto Body Specialist lies in the vision of its partners, who maintains an understanding that an accident repair business does not only include repairing a client’s car, it comprises of the entire service experience, from meeting the client for the first time, gaining an understanding of the client’s needs and their expectations, up until the client is
completely satisfied and the service has been completed.

  • Positioning Statement

Mustang Auto Body Specialists strives towards becoming the local leader in quality and service experience within the Auto Body repair industry, while at the same time
maintaining an affordable cost plan to maximize profits and minimising direct service costs. Our reputation for quality and service experience creates an ongoing network of referrals that constantly creates new business opportunities and expands our long term customer base.

Management Summary

  • Management

Marco Steenkamp matriculated from Technical High School Hans Moor in 2001, where after he started his auto body repair apprenticeship at Action Panel Beaters in Kempton Park. Marco qualified with Honours in 2005 and then worked as an auto body repair technician for another four years at Action Panel beaters. Marco
resigned from Action Panel beaters during July 2008 and then joined forces with his father and together they established Mustang Auto Body Specialists CC in
August 2008.

  • Personnel

Workshop Personnel

Marco Steenkamp
As Owner of the business he is also the workshop manager and insures that our customers are kept informed and satisfied on a daily basis. He is actively involved in the business on a daily basis. 

Wilro Zwarts
Head of Parts department
Marketing Manager
Head of Assessments

Sarah M Lekgoathi
Quality Control Officer
Polishing Manager
OHSE representative

Jordan J Monjane
Manager of Preparation Department

J B Khuzwayo
A-grade qualified spray painter

Thoothe Mositi
A-grade qualified panel beater

Mandla Thomas Zitha
Assembling manager

– Office Personnel

Maritsa du Plooy
Receptionist and manages the preparation of quotes

Tessa van Zyl
Admin of Debtors

Anri Steenkamp
Health and Safety manager
Environmental manager
Debtors & Creditors clerk

Marissa Montgomery
Admin of Creditors