About Us

Mustang Auto Body Specialists is a 51% black woman owned level 2 BBEEE registered (PTY)ltd.. The property contains a workshop area of approximately 1400 square meters, upstairs offices and a reception area.

Mustang Auto Body Specialists is an approved RMI and SAMBRA structural repairer workshop.
Mustang Auto Body Specialists obtained a National Grading Criteria from Bureau Veritas
The business was originally established by Marius Steenkamp and his son, Marco Steenkamp on the 1st of August 2008. Together they have built a solid foundation as Auto Body repairers over the years.
During 2015 Marco Steenkamp obtained sole ownership of Mustang Auto Body Specialists, and continues to run a highly successful Auto Body Repair business.
During 2017 Marco is appointed as director with 49% shares and Reusheka Ramdath 51% shares.

Mission Statement

The mission of Mustang Auto Body Specialists is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive auto body repairs at affordable cost. The focal point of our business is trust and a high level of quality of the service provided.

It is the goal of our business to have 100% customer satisfaction in respect of approachability, quality and time of completion.

We aspire to gain the required knowledge in terms of technological developments within the Auto Body repair industry so that we are able to exceed our client's expectations and as a result obtain a competitive advantage in the industry.

As owners and managers of the business we have set out the following objectives:

Approvals from more insurance panels. Obtain approvals from the following factory brands so that we are able to reach our potential in respect of growing our customer base.

Develop and implement a program of superior customer service through the evaluation of each individual customer's experience. Thereby identifying those areas which need improvement and those where we have reached customers' expectations.


Mustang Auto Body Specialists continuously keep abreast of new technological developments and strive towards making long term capital investments in technology therefore enabling the business to offer the widest possible range of services in the Auto Body repair industry, and as a result gaining a competitive advantage in the industry.

Service description

Mustang Auto Body Specialists offers a wide range of services as outlined below:

Body repair

Chassis Straightening

Water base paint repairs

Paintless dent repairs

Hail Damage

Mag wheel repairs

Aircon regas

Polishing and Glazing of Vehicles

3D Measuring system


Rubber Rising

Vehicle Protection shield wrapping

Minor Services

Major Services

Mechanical repairs

Sign writing

Positioning Statement

Mustang Auto Body Specialists strives towards becoming the local leader in quality and service experience within the Auto Body repair industry. Our reputation for quality and service experience creates an ongoing network of referrals that constantly creates new business opportunities and expands our long term customer base.